Northampton Film Festival is officially open for entries!


Northampton Film Festival 2019: Coming of Age is a pilot film festival from social enterprise film company Screen Northants.

We decided to run the festival because we were sick of all the undeserved negativity around Northampton and wanted to help its residents to make films, showcase their work and discover new things about Northampton and the county.

We now have a new shop – Film Festival Central – open on the ground floor of the Grosvenor Centre next to Michael Jones Jewellers near the Market Square entrance, open Mon-Fri. Pop in to find out more.

There’s free support and events to help people meet other filmmakers, learn new skills and make films, the festival is free to enter and if you have a film with a connection to Northampton or Northamptonshire it’s almost guaranteed you can enter it! Did I mention it’s free?!

The festival consists of a 48 hour filmmaking challenge, a non-competitive screening of your first films (defined as your ‘first ever film festival submission’, you must never have entered a film festival before or won awards), competitions in categories of Northampton, Northamptonshire and Coming of Age (with numerous prizes per category), feature films with Q&A from the film’s makers, a conference for Northants filmmakers and much more.

We have 3 judges confirmed so far: Writer Alan Moore (From Hell, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Jerusalem, The Show), Director and Photographer Mitch Jenkins (Show Pieces, The Show), and Editor Colin Goudie (Rogue One, Monsters).

What’s On

Free workshops and advice and networking sessions at Film Festival Central in the Grosvenor Centre

  • Thur 14 Feb 5pm – 7pm Festival Information session and Networking
  • Mon 18 Feb 5.30pm – 7.30pm Put A Film-making Team Together
  • Tue 19 Feb 5.30pm – 7.30pm Film Festival Surgery – drop in
  • Wed 20 Feb 5.30pm – 7.30pm Story Clinic
  • Thur 21 Feb 5.30pm – 7.30pm Practical Stuff session

Read more about these here

Please RSVP to to book your place (or if you can’t book in advance you are welcome to just turn up but we could run out of drinks or chairs!).

Lots of screenings to be announced between 12th and 27th March 2019 including events at the Northampton Filmhouse – watch this space or sign up to our mailing list here

48hr Film Challenge – free – 7pm Friday 15th March until 7pm Sunday 17th March

Closing Ceremony – invitation only – evening of Wednesday 27th March at the Royal Theatre, Guildhall Road, Northampton

48 Hour Film Challenge

If you only have 48 hours that you can dedicate to making a film, that’s fine! Sign up to our 48 hour film challenge – it’s also free! It’s 7pm on Friday 15th March to 7pm on Sunday 17th March. On the Friday we’ll give you a theme/line of dialogue/prop for you to use in your film. Then by 7pm on the Sunday you have to deliver it. We’ll screen all films and we’ll give a prize to our favourite. Express your interest to

Submit to our film festival competitions

You can submit almost any film with a connection to Northampton or Northamptonshire to the festival for free. It’s also free to submit non-Northants films on the theme of Coming of Age – some criteria apply. Contact for guidelines and an application form. If you don’t have an existing film, make one! We can support you through free workshops, and advice and networking sessions.

Submit your First Film out of competition

There’s no judging, no competition, no scary stuff, just a sharing of your first film which we’re defining as the first film you’ve entered into a film festival – this one! It doesn’t matter if other members of your team have entered film festivals before as long as you haven’t and you are the one putting it forward.

It doesn’t matter if you have made films before as long as you haven’t put any into a festival before, won an award for them or had something officially released/broadcast before.

We’ve tastefully called this segment ‘First Films are Sh*t, Show Them Anyway’. Of course we know all your first films will be masterpieces but even if they aren’t, we should share them anyway! Once that hurdle is out of the way we can all keep making better and better films. Venue TBC. Drinks a definite. Films need to have a connection to Northamptonshire (team, subject, shot here, etc). Contact for details.

A new website where you can submit everything online will be coming soon! Contact for the application form or you can find the submission forms below and on our Facebook page in posts on 11th Feb